Mother Conceived Baby Through IVF And Gave Birth Naturally In The Same Week

Beata Bienias, 36, has started to lose faith in becoming a mother due to health issues, such as her overweight polycystic ovaries that weigh more than 17 stone. But she did lose weight, and the new mother received more than she could have ever imagined when she finally became pregnant through IVF.

But amazingly, a few days before the embryo transfer, she also gave birth to twins. On December 13, at 34 weeks, baby Amelia and the twins Matylda and Borys were born by caesarean section at Royal United Hospital (eight and a half months). A fertility expert referred to her pregnancy as “almost impossible.”

Amelia, who is four weeks old, and the twins Matylda and Borys are now living with Beata and her 40-year-old husband Pawel. Doctors’ disbelief at the expectant mother’s fraternal twin being created spontaneously just days before she implanted the IVF embryos. When Beata learned that her IVF procedure had been successful, the astonished parents were not yet aware that she was pregnant.

The news that Beata was expecting triplets astounded fertility specialist Emma Cannon, who has worked in the area for 25 years and established the Emma Cannon Clinic in Chelsea, London. My motivation is quite great,” Beata declared. I desire to become pregnant. Being thinner makes me very pleased. I’m quite proud of my weekly weight loss. Great.” Beata was given the go-ahead to begin a blood test for IVF by her general practitioner and weight reduction counselor in February 2014. She began the injection in April, and on May 2 the embryo was transferred.

However, there are strict restrictions on what Beata can and cannot do during this period, including abstaining from sexual activity for four days prior to the embryo transfer. They advise waiting 14 days before taking a pregnancy test, but I couldn’t wait and tried after nine days, she added. I conducted another five or six tests after noticing those two lines, just to make sure. It excelled.

Beata and Pawel then took a two-week trip to celebrate what she believed to be a simple pregnancy. The pair then had their first ultrasound at the Bath infertility clinic when they got back. The sonographer told me not to panic if they didn’t see anything the first time when I sat down, Beata recalled. The pair then had their first ultrasound at the Bath infertility clinic when they got back.

When I originally learned I was having triplets, I was really concerned. But there are no issues. I absolutely enjoy it. The folks taking care of me have been excellent, and the staff at Bath’s Royal United Hospital has taken good care of me. She speaks. Matylda and baby Borys each weighed 4 pounds and ounces at birth, while Amelia weighed 5 pounds and 2 ounces. However, Beata claimed that the three infants are all healthy and “growing up so fast.”

I feed them almost every three hours and I go for a walk with them every day. My husband is incredibly proud of his three kids and cuddles them every day when he gets home from work. I didn’t know what to expect when I suddenly became a mother of three. But I’m very happy,’ she added.

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