Mother, 37, Gives Birth To Her Twin Boys 6 WEEKS Apart After Going Into Labour Twice

Fraternal twins were expected, but Kim Vaughan, 37, of Bedford, gave birth after only 24 weeks. During a two-hour hospital stay, Raiden was born. He couldn’t breathe, though, and soon after that he passed tragically. The second boy was supposed to be born soon, according to the doctors, but Raiden’s brother, Dylan, stayed inside the womb for an additional six weeks. Despite being around eight weeks early at birth, the two-year-old is now developing normally and eagerly anticipating Christmas. And while though Ms. Vaughan and her 36-year-old partner Simon Gilbert mourn Raiden, they are always appreciative of their “miracle” Dylan.

According to Ms. Vaughan, she experienced no issues in the first six months of her pregnancy. Nonetheless, she went to Bedford Hospital after experiencing back pain despite having no chance of becoming pregnant. After being released from the hospital, she returned right away after discovering her water had broken the following morning. She was expected to deliver two non-identical twin boys prematurely, according to the doctors.

Even though there were many people in the room, she claimed that it felt eerie. Even though things happened so quickly, it seemed to go at a leisurely pace. Later, Ms. Vaughan gave birth to Raiden, who was unable to breathe. He was unsuccessfully revived, and a few hours later he passed away.

The doctors then prepared for his brother’s arrival, hoping he would be born soon after. But her pain stopped immediately and her labor stalled. The doctors decided to stop giving her anesthesia. She was transferred to Luton and Dunstable Hospital, where a team of specialists caring for premature babies was on duty.

Ms Vaughan said: ‘When I got there they said I would see him in an hour or two, but he didn’t. I was kept and monitored, but after five weeks my heart rate was fine and I was not dilated.’

Dylan is still growing at 28 weeks pregnant, so she was dismissed, but a week later, she is back. She experienced another water break, but this time she managed to catch Dylan, who was then put right into the incubator. Doctors were able to assist the kid in breathing despite the fact that he was born with a defective heart valve, chronic lung illness, and a brain bleed. His parents could only hold his hand, change his diaper, and talk to him while he struggled to survive. They sat next to him and read The Hobbit to him while sending him good vibes. They were allowed to hold their kid for the first time after spending two weeks in an incubator, an experience Ms. Vaughan found difficult.

He is very tiny, which is fantastic, but I also sense a lot of pressure because it is in front of so many people, she said. I feel like I don’t have the typical mothering experience.

The couple was informed that Dylan was prepared to return to Bedford Hospital, which is close to their house, after spending a month in the highly dependent ward, and that this would occur on Christmas Day.

It was a fantastic Christmas present, Ms. Vaughan continued. It’s fantastic that we can visit him whenever because he’s right around the block. I could spend the day with Dylan if my partner drove me to his workplace.

After another two months at Bedford Hospital, Dylan was allowed to return home just before Valentine’s Day. But the family was terrified to bring the boy home because he was still so small – weighing only 5 pounds at the time – and needed a lot of medicine. Doctors said Dylan continued to grow and that his premature birth had no lasting impact.

Ms Vaughan said: ‘He is well-informed about his health. He likes his food and he has no problem gaining weight. He has a funny personality and he is absolutely amazing. But the whole family still thinks about his twin brother Raiden every day.’

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