Mom’s Surprised Reaction When She Meets Her Newly Born Daughter

Zoe gave birth to her third kid during a full moon. She had some time to rest after the labor started quickly and with great intensity. Together with her husband Tanner, she works in the tub while they converse quietly and giggle in between the waves. Zoe got as far as 10 cm, but she never felt the impulse to push. She bravely changed positions to help facilitate the sensation while pushing throughout contractions.

She got out of the tub and into her bed with the help of doula Jamie. A wave of emotions is triggered by just one drop to the side. In that moment, Zoe can only see the mountain in front of us; pulling the baby out appears like an impossibly difficult undertaking. Birth transports us to other places. She persevered despite her uncertainty and anxiety. “Believe in yourself. Jamie hushed, “Your body knows what to do.

And indeed, it did. Zoe moaned, “I’m pushing,” without grunting or feeling the need to endure, as she gazed up at the ceiling and opened her eyes wide. I’m trying to.

A little black head eventually developed in the perineum. From beginning to end, Zoe gave her baby a slow, lovely breath. When Zoe requested for assistance, her midwife led the baby outside as the crowd erupted in joyful applause.

It appears to be Jonah. “You succeeded!” God, oh God!

As Tanner admired the flawless infant on his wife’s bosom, he wiped away his tears. On their grandparents’ shoulders, the older brothers who were dozing off on the sofa were dragged inside. The time has arrived to determine the gender of the infant. When Tanner stumbled, “Yes, I guess it was a girl,” Zoe started crying. Daughter! A girl, the women shrieked. Between joy and relief, apprehension over Zoe losing blood grew. The midwives started their procedures to help control the bleeding, but I was instructed to call for assistance out of an abundance of caution.

Zoe remained calm through it all. She’s still awake, sipping electrolytes through a straw on her lips and eating morsels to help fight blood loss. Pink and perfect baby girl, happily sucking and contracting her mother’s uterus. EMS arrived and worked with the midwife to help stabilize the situation. In a short time, it became clear that Zoe was no longer in danger, and they were sent into the night gratefully.

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