Mom Welcome The Second Identical Twin, One In 100,000 Delight

Three years after the birth of twin boys, a Sydney family has welcomed the arrival of twin daughters. Camilla and Madison Anangrove are twins, one of 100,000 pairs. The second set of identical twin daughters were delivered at Norwest Private Hospital in Bella Vista to happy parents Sophia and Paule Brown. Harley and Ethan, their three-year-old brothers, were also born at Norwest Private Hospital.

On September 6, a Wednesday, the twins were born. At 13:25, Camilla was born weighing 3.12 kg, and Madison followed a minute later, weighing 3.02. Notably, both twins were created spontaneously as opposed to in vitro, increasing the possibility of producing additional children.

Even though identical twins are not genetically identical, the four siblings are the only twins in their family. Ethan and Harley were born naturally to Mrs. Brown, 32, and Camilla and Madison were delivered via cesarean section. The elder brothers of the girls, according to Ms. Brown, were “extremely attentive and kind” toward their younger sisters, who she described as being “quite good.”

They are held like tiny dolls, she claimed. The likelihood of having identical twins is one in three thousand, making the likelihood of having two identical twins even more unlikely, according to obstetrician and gynecologist Norman Blumenthal, who gives birth to all of the Brown children. than. They are identical, stunning girls who walk about with a number of boys by their sides and who adore one another.

“You two are so cute, you are the most beautiful and happy mother in the world, I also want to be like you, have a huge family with only two children,” someone once commented.

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