Mom Photographer Takes Birth Photos of Her Own Labor

When Lisa Robinson-Ward became pregnant last year, she knew she wanted to chronicle her own birth experience as well. She is a San Francisco-based photographer who specializes in wedding and portrait photography. me. Before learning she was pregnant, she and her husband Alec, who have a 9-year-old son, had been trying for a second child for years and had already had two pregnancies.

After deciding to quit trying, she and her husband were taken aback when Lisa became pregnant once more. She claimed that the initial concept was only a joke, but after some consideration, she made the decision to give it a shot. She told ABC News, “I’m quite flexible with the strategy. “It’s okay if I don’t do it if that proves to be impossible, but fortunately I had a really uncomplicated and amazing childbirth experience.” You can view her amazing images of her daughter Anora, whom she named, in the gallery below.

Robinson adds, “After giving it some thought, I decided to give it a shot and felt it would capture some wonderful memories for us and our kid.” “I never saw birth images from such an angle, and I believed it would help me concentrate on anything to control my emotions and worry.” Before the birth of their daughter, Anora Wren, in December 2015, Robinson had never taken birth photographs. When taking photos, Robinson said she was careful not to put too much pressure on herself because she was aware that deliveries didn’t always go as planned.

She believes that documenting the birth will keep her composed, focused, and prevent her from dwelling on the discomfort. “I didn’t know if I could shoot images,” admits Robinson-Ward.” Although I’ve been intending to accomplish it, I’m not sure if I can.” She says, “I can take images of what I see around me, stuff like that, in between contractions.” Yet it was quite intense.

But after receiving an off-screen, she said she felt she had “more control”. Still, Anora’s delivery went smoothly — allowing Robinson to capture crystal clear images of her labor, her husband’s first look at their daughter and their daughter in arms. doctor immediately after birth. Now there is a fourth member to the Robinson- Ward family and the happy parents look delighted.

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