Mom Describes Everyday Family Life With Quadruplets

Through her posts, Mom provides an account of life with four kids and an even older child. The use of assisted reproductive technologies has increased the number of multiple pregnancy occurrences in recent years. The likelihood of bearing twins has climbed by 75% since 1980, and the likelihood of carrying triplets has increased even more, according to the US Department of Health & Human Services. And if taking care of twins or triplets seems like a lot of work, try taking care of quadruplets. Quadruplets’ mother Dayna Childress shares snippets of her daily life on the Hello Quadruplets Instagram account that she started.

Dayna and her husband also have an older son, and after three miscarriages, quadruplets were delivered. The young mother refers to her five children as “miracles,” and in recent years, she has used her social media posts to chronicle her incredible experience being a mother. Each of her Instagram posts receives tens of thousands of likes and she has over 389 thousand followers. Along with the stunning photographs, Dyana also expresses her ideas and experiences in a way that many mothers can relate to. The young mother tweeted a picture of her cesarean scar and a message right after giving birth to quadruplets.

How could I not keep them any longer was all I thought about when I initially came to after my cesarean section. How could my body desert me in such a way? They would have to be born three key weeks later than that. I continue to blame myself for getting out of bed that night, believing that if I hadn’t done so, Simon’s water might not have burst and I might have lived to see another day. But then I pondered: Will I awaken if my water still bursts and the umbilical cord still protrudes while I’m still asleep? If he survives at all. In any case, I’m wondering if and for how long his umbilical chord will be constricted he is deprived of oxygen will it affect his development?

I need to stop these worries, stop putting my body down and start praising it because it still does a GREAT thing. I raised FOUR children at once and they all survived while doing better than expected over and over again. I’ve had so many doctors tell me they won’t make it, or if they do, they’ll have a serious medical disability. Well, I beat the odds and proved them wrong.

Dyana shares photos of her kids along with updates on their daily routines and pursuits. There are many challenges, but there are just as many wonderful ones. The four youngsters are now three years old.

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