‘Miracle’ As Baby Born 15 Weeks Early Weighing Just 1lb Home In Time For Christmas

Lucas Simpson, who was born at 24 weeks, stayed in the hospital for 127 days before being able to go home. The tiny fighter braved the odds to survive despite being born too soon—just two days beyond the UK’s abortion limit. Lucas was born on June 24, four months before his due date of October 9, weighing only 1 lb 6 oz (740 grams). Despite the fact that he was born more than 100 days early, his parents are eagerly anticipating their first Christmas as a family of four in their Skipton, near Leeds, home. Just weeks before Lucas was born, two-time mother Laura Mount discovered she was expecting.

“I was in the bathtub when I felt my stomach move,” she claimed.My periods were erratic, but I had no symptoms. Really astonished, but I believed we had time to prepare since I knew I was pregnant at 21 weeks. We learned this from the initial scan. We just never anticipated seeing him so soon. It was a boy.

A few weeks later, Laura needed to be hospitalized because she was in discomfort. They gave me a steroid injection when I had dilated by 4 cm. My local hospital didn’t have the supplies for infants younger than 32 weeks, so at midnight we had to take the green light and travel 40 minutes away. Before I carefully highlighted the crucial difficulties she may encounter, they offered me information that was ambiguous. I need to get ready for the worst happen because it’s too early. I was born at 24 + 5 days.

His fingernails and nipples were already formed when he was born. He was born little but perfect, and I was the pro-choice candidate, but the abortion limit was too high. Lucas struggled mightily to survive the journey home. The 29-year-old explained: “He had a cardiac murmur at birth because one of his heart valves didn’t seal properly. It closed at 10 weeks of age, so we watched to see what happened. He also got infections, required 7 blood transfusions, and had to return home on oxygen due to insufficient lung development. He underwent laser eye surgery and spent seven weeks on a ventilator.

He was in intensive care until he was 52 days old – after which he was highly dependent. When he weighs 2kg we can put him in the crib and when he can maintain a steady temperature we can dress him. They had to put him on a ventilator, I only held him for 30 seconds because he needed intensive care. His skin is so delicate and see-through, we can see his veins. It is a miracle how far he has come. LLaura was shocked to see how in perfect shape Lucas was – despite being born five days past the UK’s abortion limit.

Before Lucas was old enough to be sent to their local hospital, Laura and her 40-year-old partner Allan had to travel 40 miles round trip to Bradford every week for three months. “The staff at Royal Bradford Hospital successfully saved Lucas and kept him alive,” she stated. For the initial few months, they gave him everything he required to battle. The staff at Airedale General Hospital tried to get Lucas home and support his development. I will always be grateful for everything, and I cannot thank them enough. He was getting stronger every day, which amazed me because I had always thought that he wouldn’t survive. When his brother returned home on October 25, Laura remembers the first time Isaac saw his sibling.

Today, Lucas weighs 12lb 9oz and struggles with many of his medical conditions. Laura, who works for a construction association, said: “The past few months have been really difficult, one with Isaac and one at the hospital, we were like passing trains and being pulled in all directions, Isaac just being alone, he needed us too. We also finished our new home the day I went into labor and finally moved in at the end of November, which was definitely an overwhelming few months. when Lucas is at home, because our family is finally together, especially in time for Christmas.

“I didn’t sleep for a week checking his oxygen, but Lucas is our super-baby. He has slotted into our family and completed us. Having him home is the best present I could have wished for.”

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