Lovely Moments! The Cutest Babies Arbitrarily Sabotaged The Photo Session, Not Cooperating With The Photographer…

As a new parent, you want to document every moment of your baby’s life on camera. This is the reason why parents routinely arrange for baby picture shoots. The most of the time, these sessions go really well, but occasionally, your kids won’t comply.

Lots of kids yell that they are drunk or not wearing their cute hats or the right shoes. However, some take things to the next level. They not only make it difficult to trigger the photo; they also make the images a bit strange.

When you have to go, you have to go

This little guy isn’t old enough to know what’s going on. All he knows is that he feels comfortable in the arms of His parents and he needs to let go.

So this father has an idea that his son is pooping on Him. The camera captured it and until his other son sees it. Even if Dad has been entirely forgotten, he continues to give the ideal grin for the camera. At least they will always have this funny memory to look back on.

Sorry Dad

It’s one Thing to get vomit off your shoulder, but it’s another thing to get it off your head. Mom can never handle it. It might be disgusting pH, but it’s an ugly problem.

This is just awful

There are things like an icy day at the beach with the family. Mom snaps a shot while dad carries the children for a stroll on the beach. Dad probably wishes he had kissed the child holding the camera rather than the one with crap on his back.

This trendy young dad really wants a good photo with his baby. He looks great in that black shirt and that bouncy hairstyle. The only thing that’s off is the poop on his shirt.

These parents are getting their hands wet, but this baby is peeing all over his face. What a moment to capture.

What you can’t see is the urine under the father’s hands. Who wouldn’t make this face with a little urine?

This dad is smiling because he thinks he’s getting the perfect photo with his baby. He gets the idea that his baby is pooping all over his stomach as he poses.

When your child is about to poop, does the color of the shirt you wear for the photo really matter? This father is only beginning his paternity test. The infant at least seems adorable. Perhaps they can just remove Dad from the picture.

Things escalated quickly

One minute you are holding your adorable baby and taking a photo, and at the end, you are holding your adorable baby with poop in your arm, baby didn’t know any better, but these parents should have.

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