Lomas’s Identical Triplet Twins Were Born At 32 Weeks – One In Every 200 Million Pregnancies

The good news is that you are not quarantined right now because of the epidemic. Due to the rarity of triplet pregnancies (one in every 200 million), today is unquestionably historic. Thankfully, everything proceeded without a hitch, and the parents were overjoyed. On Saturday, July 25, a baby was born in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, at the IMA Clinic in the community of Adrogué. The infants decided to be born earlier than expected, at 32 weeks of gestation, when the C-section was initially scheduled to be performed.

Victoria, Julieta, and Delfina are their names. She has three girls at once, which makes her parents, Vanina Catala Ortmann and Leonel Chainksi, quite pleased. They are first-time parents. They were created from the union of a single sperm and an egg that was later separated into three embryos, and they are also three identical girls. Victoria, weighing 3.4 pounds, was the first baby born at 10:02 a.m. After that, Julieta, who weighed 3.5 pounds, was born a minute later, and Delfina, who weighed 3.3 pounds, was born at 10:05 a.m.

The father was able to approach them following the C-section to examine and touch them with the appropriate level of care given COVID19. The physicians chose to schedule the cesarean section for Saturday am, according to Leonel. Newborns are holy and they are born. Apart than that, Vani is doing great and everything is going smoothly. It was a lovely experience to meet them at birth, and Vanina expressed her gratitude for all the care they gave her throughout the cesarean surgery.

I feel so supported, both from my obstetrician and all the medical staff who have been with me throughout the birth.”

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