Kerala Couple, In Their 50s, Blessed With Triplets

Cicy and George were married in 1987. Since he worked in the Bay Area, for over 18 years they have settled there. Then they returned to Kerala and started their own business. Two years after getting married, the couple started looking for various treatments to have a child.

The two even considered stopping their treatment after numerous attempts that did not produce the expected outcomes. For the past 35 years,  we have been praying for a baby. God has now blessed us with three children.

Only those who have experienced it may understand the grief and anguish a woman feels when she is unable to conceive. The emotional toll it takes on a woman makes it one of the toughest experiences she may go through. But right now, we are experiencing the happiest time of our life,” the local Irinjalakuda added.

George Antony, 59 years old, Cicy’s husband could not hide that happiness, when the waiting time of his and his wife was too long. Many times that waiting has almost fallen into despair and wants to let go of everything.

“The treatments have lasted almost 34 years, not only in Kerala, but also abroad”. Then happiness also smiled, all the efforts of the husband and wife were also rewarded.

The couple then went to Sabine Hospital, which is known for its infertility treatment, in September. This visit to the hospital, she felt the difference unlike previous times.

“The good news was broken to us four months into the treatment. When we got to know that it was triplets, we were advised by our gynaecologist to stop travelling. Therefore, we took a house near the hospital on rent,” she said.

Before intending to go for treatment in June, Cicy was bleeding continuously. She and her husband went to a private hospital in Kochi, to examine and treat bleeding. The doctors there advised her to have a hysterectomy. But the couple did not comply and moved to another hospital for treatment.

It was a significant turning point in our lives. At the age of 55, having children is a gift from God.

Cicy gave birth to two boys and a girl. Three weeks after giving birth, they were discharged from the hospital. According to the doctors, the triplets are healthy.

“We face a challenge. With today’s cutting-edge medical technology, age is merely a number. This is the first time we’ve ever had triplets that are 55 years old here.”

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