Joy As Woman Welcomes Her Child After 14 Years Of Waiting (Photos)

Excited lady has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she welcomes her child after 14 years of waiting.

14 years? Oh my goodness, what women go through may God bless all the women out there.

According to the latest mom she said during this 14 years she had 8 miscarriages failed IVF. Finally, the years of teasing, miscarriages, suffering, and anguish are gone.

While sharing her testimony on social media in her words she wrote: “Am here to raise someone’s hope tonight. 14 years of waiting, 8 miscarriages, Failed IVF. But today we are blessed with a baby girl. Normal conception, Is God not able?

“My sisters, pls 2022 is still very young, don’t give up, that God is alive He will wipe away every secret and open tears. Congratulations to my friend and I. You are the next sister.”

May God bless the newest mother and her family. Yours is the next, moms who are waiting!

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