Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth To Boys On The Same Day At The Same Hospital

Sisters Jalynne April Crawford and Janelle Ann Leopoldo, both 30, were identical twins from Arizona who both miscarried at the same time. Jalynne suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes an ectopic pregnancy that is not viable to develop outside the womb. Her Californian twin Janelle also endured a miscarriage at the same time, however she did so later. When they learned they shared a little boy, Jalynne April Crawford and Janelle Ann Leopoldo’s biggest desire was realized more than nine months ago. My cheeks brightened up when I received the text, Jalynne remarked. Jalynne just discovered she was expecting a baby four days ago

She said: “I felt chills in my arm and seconds later she called and we both said ‘Thank you, thank God. It’s making me cry right now. I was like ‘this is how God answers our prayers’.”

Major news will undoubtedly change people’s lives, but everything for Jalynne and Janelle up until that moment has been extremely difficult. Jalynne disclosed that Jannelle, a 30-year-old woman with fertilitis, had been given a false diagnosis. Jalynne experienced two miscarriages in the interim. The pair recently fought with their sister after which tragedy struck with the death of their identical sister Jennier Pippin last year. When their prayers were finally granted, twins Jalynne and Janelle, who reside in different parts of the country, faced another challenge because their parents might not be in two places while being present for one of them. Despite struggle and grief, the twins never lost hope and continued to pray that they would one day become pregnant together.

With her spouse, San Francisco Giants player Brandon Michael Crawford, Jalynne resides in Arizona. Along with her husband Jason Sergio Leopoldo, Janelle resides in California. The two fell in love while they were both student athletes at UCLA in 2005. In order for our parents to attend, we understood we needed it on the same day, according to Jalynne. Jalynne then went to her doctor and inquired about the possibility of having both she and her sister arrive on the same day. He replied that was fine because they were close in age and due in a week, she said. Six weeks prior to the due date, Janelle and her family then packed up and traveled to Arizona. We’re both past 39 weeks and close to our due date, Jalynne reveals.

The sisters, their spouses, and their parents all went to the hospital on June 18. Jalynne gave birth first thing in the morning, followed by her sister a few hours later. The sisters were soon transferred to adjoining recovery rooms on the same level. Folks frequently inquire as to how Jalynne and I choose who goes first. Become pregnant first, then give birth. In addition, my husband’s maternity leave was only three days long. For the rest of our life, this will be in our memories. Bryson Ryder is welcomed by Jalynne while Jace Alan is born by Janelle. The infants who are already “best buddies” at 3 months old.

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