“Hurried” Baby Was Born In Her Parents’ Car In A Matter Of Minutes

At the crossroads of Winns Church Road and 33rd Street in Hanover, a family from Ashland welcomed their new baby into the world inside their car. Along with their two daughters, Juniper and Harbor, Tyler Edwards and Logan Roop are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their third child. They didn’t anticipate that their infant would be so impatient, though, that they wouldn’t wait for their parents to arrive at the maternity unit.

Roop began having contractions on January 29 and her water broke two hours later. After a short while, Logan’s husband started packing their bags into the car and driving them to the hospital.

Both of them believed they would have plenty of time to arrive, but their daughter had other ideas! Roop stated that before going to the hospital, they intend to drop off their kids at one of the relatives’ residences on 33rd Street. I believe there is still time, Edwards stated. But this scheme quickly modified. It’s coming, my wife whispered as she slightly sat up while we were driving.

Carolina Winn Edwards, their third child, was born to Roop at the corner of Winns Church Road and 33rd Street. “I didn’t need to push for her head to emerge. I gave delivery in a matter of minutes. I was holding our daughter at the time while my husband was operating the vehicle, Roop said. Firefighters from the Farrington Volunteer Fire Department soon followed and joined the effort. Joey Viray, a department firefighter, stated that the first order of business is to make sure everyone is okay before entering the ambulance.

The family visited the Farrington Volunteer Fire Department to thank the crew nine days after Carolina was born. Roop told the firefighters in the interview, “This is our baby, and we appreciate everything you have done. “You could think that’s nothing, but to us it means everything. A touching time to reflect on the remarkable tale of this “miracle baby.” Roop remarked, “She was just a tiny angel. We are incredibly fortunate.

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