He Might Not Have All Of His Arms And Legs, But He’s Absolutely Perfect To Me

The mother of a son who was and had one with an ebbed stated she had never thought of herself when praising the ideal boy and denied having thought of herself. Henry Higgs is currently 11 months old and likes to reach for his toys and play in the bathtub.

When the mother, Rosie Higgs, was 20 weeks pregnant and healthy, she was told that her un could have an amniotic band. Given the substantial physical challenges he’ll experience, family and friends have questioned whether she should abort the pregnancy. Rosie, a mother of three from Harrow in North London, is positive that she is carrying a son, nevertheless.

She claimed: “I didn’t listen. People may lead challenging lifestyles with several constraints. I was very worried and upset. Henry may not have all of his limbs, but despite his limitations, I am confident that he will lead a wonderful and fulfilling life. Peter and I both felt that Henry merited a shot. We made all decisions collectively after Peter expressed his happiness.

We understand that we are powerless to abort the pregnancy. I have no doubts that Henry will be alright because I work with children with special needs every day. It can occasionally be frightful to be pregnant. I underwent scans every four weeks, and they kept a careful eye on me. Adding insult to injury, Rosie Lau’s loving mother Paula, 55, may relocate to the north because to the global

Rosie continued, “It was terrible not to have my mother there when I was, especially knowing Henry was high risk. The midwife, fortunately, is really excellent. I was scared and under a lot of stress throughout delivery, so the midwives asked me whether I wanted to meet Henry right away.

Scans can only teach you so much, after all. I wasn’t sure what to anticipate from Orr when he first showed up because there had been a lot of build-up. When Henry was born on May 13 at London’s Northick Park Hospital, weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz., he was in good health. His 39-year-old father Peter, a manager of Emirates’ seats and facilities, went to see Henry first while Themidives moved him to the side.

As soon as Peter introduced him to me, I fell in love. He is making excellent progress and is extremely content. His chat in the morning roused me up. Henry is content and enjoys using his high chair, but we must exercise caution. He has a talkative personality and a mischievous smile that never stops. He adores his older sibliпg. Even though he doesn’t have all of his arms and legs, he is ideal for me.

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