Gorgeous Photos Of Children’s Eyes That Shine Brighter Than All The Diamonds In The World

Photographer Abdullah Aydemir, who took these magnificent pictures, lives and works in Istanbul. A city of contrasts, a global crossroads, where there are wealthy and destitute areas, where street cats are revered, and where you can meet people from all over the world. And their children, of course, for whom Abdullah is hunting for photos. Because the best, most interesting models are not in the studio, but on the street, you just need to find them!

The photographer himself considers brilliant children’s glances to be something like beacons, which should attract the attention of lost and tired souls. Because everything is grand and fascinating while you’re young, the future inspires your imagination, and you want to create, move, and just live. This is the cause of the kids’ eyes lighting up from the frenetic discharge of energy. Adults can’t do this anymore, and they don’t want to, but in vain! That is why we need children, as a reminder, as an example of what life is for!

Beautiful Children Eyes Photography by Turkish Photographer Abdullah Aydemir

Magnificent pictures of children’s eyes photography by Abdullah Aydemir

It can be seen that most of the kids in the photo are dirty, dirty, with scratches, bruises and abrasions. Because a small child does not know how to sit still and does not pay attention to such trifles.

Children are not dressed appropriately for the shoot, are not bathed, and frequently appear to be caught off guard in these real-life photographs. Therefore, the emotions are so sincere, and the light of their eyes is real!

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