Dublin Mum Shares Hope Welcoming Triplets Just Eight Months After Miscarriage

I am all too familiar with the isolation that may accompany having a miscarriage. Earlier this year, Alison O’Leary made the decision to post her own traumatic pregnancy on her Instagram page in an effort to spread awareness and assist anyone else going through similar difficulties. The 32-year-old Dublin mother chose to publish her experience online in the early weeks of January after having a miscarriage at the end of November, but little did she realize that just a few weeks later, she would discover she was expecting triplets. She acknowledges that she never anticipated becoming pregnant so quickly: “I just took a pregnancy test because I felt a little uneasy, so when I saw the positive result it was real. unbelievable.”

Many people said to me after my miscarriage, “You’re so fat after a miscarriage,” but I didn’t want to believe them. I can’t believe that is how it happened to me. Ali and her partner, Chris, are about to experience their first surprise, though. For their own peace of mind, the couple, who already have a 4-year-old daughter named Georgia, had an early ultrasound.

They learned they were expecting twins at that time. “I just laughed when they told us,” Ali remembers. “I find it funny that I have twins too because my sister has twins!” However, the physicians told the couple that they were expecting triplets when the ultrasound was done at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Although at first I thought it was the funniest, I couldn’t believe it thing, because who’s ever been told they’re having three kids?. “It’s always your friend, but never someone you really know.”

“I used to make fun of my sister by claiming that she went to look for baby number three and came back with numbers three and four, so mocking is bound to be discovered. And although finding out you’re expecting three children can surprise anyone, Ali says she has no worry. Never in my life have I heard Chris be so silent. I can sense he’s anxious and stressed out,” she said. “But I persisted in stating that it was great and fine.”

She explains: “When I found out that we initially thought it was twins, I chuckled because I felt like the universe gave us back a little bit after the miscarriage.When the 12-week ultrasound showed triplets, I wasn’t afraid either when we learned that by, I was never scared, I just knew that everything was going to be fine, I know it sounds confusing but I did it. ”

Ali was allocated two Holles Street counselors, her personal consultant, and a multiple birth expert after it was determined that she was having triplets. And according to Ali, the excellent care she received allayed her concerns about starting a high-risk pregnancy right after a miscarriage. “I never had the chance to worry,” she said. “I was immediately transported to the prenatal evaluation unit, where incredibly thorough scans were performed, as soon as they discovered I was expecting triplets. Since then, I’ve had a scan every two weeks.

Lenny, Ted, and Bruce, the boys, were born in August at 31 weeks and weighed 3 pounds 9 oz, 4 lbs, and 3 lbs 4 oz. Like the announcement of her pregnancy, their arrival was one big surprise. On Ali’s original Due Date, the family received yet another huge surprise. I was oblivious since everything happened so quickly. They tried to keep me as long as they could after my water broke on Wednesday night, so when I went into labor on Friday morning, it proceeded quickly and they were born in just 50 minutes.

The brothers are making great progress and are now in the final stages of intensive care before being allowed home to see Sister Georgia. And speaking of her experience, Ali advises other moms going through high-risk pregnancies to always keep hope and reach out to other moms in similar circumstances.

She said: “Social media has another lovely side, I know two other people on Instagram who shared stories of their miscarriage on social media at the same time and are now pregnant again. . It’s a lovely support that women can share with others who are going through something similar. When I had a miscarriage, I didn’t have anyone close to me who had been through it and it was helpful to hear someone understand what you were going through.

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