Daddy’s A Parent Too

He doesn’t just help take care of the baby so mommy can take a shower where she actually has time to shave her legs and wash her hair, or close her eyes for five minutes after a terrible night’s sleep.⁣

He’s so much more than mommy’s helper, because he’s a parent, too.  He doesn’t just help mommy make dinner. He makes dinner some nights while she feeds the baby because he’s a parent, too.

He doesn’t just help mommy put the kids to bed. Some nights he reads his children a story and lays with them till they fall asleep because he’s a parent, too. He doesn’t just help mommy clean the kitchen. He does the dishes and cleans crumbs off the countertops from the kid’s pancake breakfast before work because he’s a parent, too.⁣

He doesn’t just show up for his children because mom makes him. He shows up because he wants to see his child strike the baseball, dance in the big recital, or surprise his child at the Valentine’s Day party.⁣

And he’s always ready to snap photos, take videos, and cheer loud. Because he’s not a babysitter. He’s a parent, and his children should know that, too.

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