Couple Gives Birth To Rare Identical Triplet Girls, Who They Tell Apart By Painting Different Colors On Their Toenails

Gavin and Kimberly Fardel’s world turned upside down when they learned they were going to have more children. When they learned they were having triplets, everything altered even more. Gavin Jr., the couple’s gorgeous 2-year-old son with down syndrome, is already present, but they weren’t planning on having three children straight immediately. No matter when Emily, Stella, or Grace were born, the unimaginable happened a singular phenomenon!

Kimberly had an ultrasound to check on the status of her pregnancy, and the surprising results revealed that she was actually carrying not one, but three sweet baby girls. She acknowledged to numerous local media outlets that the impact of those comments nearly caused her to fall off her chair when she first heard them. Even though it’s not in the plan, we know in our hearts that the trio will increase this family’s sense of harmony and happiness. It’s a gift from God,” the distraught woman cried. On the day of delivery, exciting news was delivered to Gavin in the midst of the university class he was instructing. His students urged him to attend because they knew he was going to become a parent once more to the hospital as soon as possible, and they all encouraged him a lot.

Since Grace, Stella, and Emily were all born identically, their parents chose to paint their nails a different color to help them distinguish between them. They soon discovered that all three of them shared the same birthmark, only in different places. According to the lovely family, the 2-year-old son is overjoyed to get three new sisters. He always gives them a goodnight kiss, assists with the bottles, and declares his desire to look after them for all time. Despite the fact that the triplets kept them busy all the time, Fradels claimed that they were ecstatic to meet the girls when they arrived since they could sense a sibling relationship developing between them and their son as well as with the girls.

Life with three? They keep you busy,” Gavin Sr. speak. “It’s an assembly line all the way to diaper changes and feeding. The only thing I wish I could do more of, and I’m sure my wife would agree, is to be able to hug them. Since our son is an only child, we can spend a lot of time with him. You need to share the amount of time you can hug each girl.

But it’s funny because they don’t seem to mind because there are three of them and they often hang out together. They are already friends. So soon, we can say that they will have each other for the rest of their lives, which is really good.

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