Couple Beat 200 Million To One Odds To Welcome Britain’s Most Premature Triplets

Lauren, 28, and Jack, 29, from Bewdley, Worcestershire, were overjoyed as their extremely rare triplets were brought into the world safely after being delivered by emergency cesarean section at Worcestershire Royal Infirmary on Monday. 16/1. Lauren and Jack Mountain River’s babies Beau and Leo arrived 10 weeks early becoming the earliest identical triplets ever born in the UK.

Six minutes after Lauren and Jack were shocked to learn they were having triplets, the small trio was delivered. New parents claim that they are now able to distinguish their identical kids from one another based on the contour of their heads. River and Beau weighed 3lbs 1oz while Leo weighed a bit more at 3lbs after being born at 6.59am, 7.04am and 7.06am respectively.

It was a big shock to us when we discovered we were expecting triplets; we couldn’t believe it. Although the past several weeks and months have been demanding, we are doing well. Beau and Leo at home and the daily trips to the hospital to visit River made life chaotic. Fortunately, we received a lot of assistance because things were crazy.

We were completely taken aback and couldn’t believe it when we learned we were expecting triplets. It’s been a long, exhausting few weeks or months, but we’re doing fantastic. With Beau and Leo at home and us having to visit River every day at the hospital, it was chaotic. It was crazy, but thankfully we got a lot of help.

During pregnancy, parents are referred for the first time to a specialist after a 12-week scan due to the high risk of twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) because of the shared placenta. However, the trio grew well and the birth went smoothly and the couple gave it unusual names to match their unusual birth story.

I was really shocked when I found out we were having triplets and it took a while to have a baby.” I was worried about how we would handle having three children at home at the same time.

But we are excited and happy with the arrival of our children, little angels.

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