California Couple Spent $96,000 House Savings On To Have Four Babies In Three Years

A couple who were saving to buy a house used £70,000 of their savings for IVF, and they had four children in less than three years. The couple from Orange County, California, Amanda Ralls, 34, and Nathan Ralls, 35, have been battling infertility. Instead of using the money to purchase a home, they chose to utilize it for IVF treatment to become married. “We discussed how the money we had in the family fund could fund the I.V.F. at the beginning of the infertility journey,” Amanda recalls. My spouse explained to me that if no one lives in our house, owning a house doesn’t help. One of his most motivating remarks to me was that. We therefore made the decision to proceed with the treatment.

In total, we spent around £70,000. We could never have done this without my parents’ support and they let us live with them.”

Amanda added: “First we tried I.U.I but it didn’t work. So the doctor suggested that we do I.V.F in the future. I was screaming, crying and in pain when I was told this. It’s devastating because as women, it feels like one of our purposes is to hold and give birth. My husband supported me by letting me know that he would do anything financially to give us the family we all longed for.”

Anderson, Amanda’s oldest son, was born in May 2017 after her first successful frozen embryo transfer in July 2016. She transferred a boy and infant because she wanted her kid to have siblings. in February 2018, a female embryo. In October 2018, she gave birth to her daughter Penelope using just one embryo. In June 2019, Amanda opted to go back and transfer two frozen embryos again because she had always wanted three children; sadly, neither of them were successful. “We decided to try again in October, and we were successful. My twin boys were born in June,” she said.

“I love being pregnant. I wish I could get pregnant every day. I just can’t wait to see each of my children. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was very happy. I told Nathan we were going to have a football team. We are adjusting every day as we go from just me and Nathan to a family of six in a span of three years. That’s a lot but I’m very grateful. I couldn’t be happier. It was everything I ever wanted..”

According to Amanda, she wouldn’t have been able to have all of her children without her parents’ help. If we had our own house, we wouldn’t be able to have all the kids, she claimed. It is not possible. But more essential than everything is having our child. It was quite challenging to have four children in three years, but now that we have our entire family, we are overjoyed.

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