Birth Story: The Car Birth Caught On Dashcam

Troy Campbell and Erica Campbell believed they had enough time to travel to the hospital. They got into their vehicle and began recording on their dash cam as their third child was about to be born. They had no idea that little Nova was not willing to wait. The delivery of the family’s beautiful baby daughter was documented by the family’s bloggers as it happened next to a busy highway. On May 10, 2021, around 5 o’clock, Erika’s water broke, and the pair had to rush to the hospital. Troy said, “Something very strange is going on,” as the two of them quietly drove off. “I feel like I need to poop a little bit, but it didn’t hurt.”

Later, as Erica breathed through contractions, the pair jokingly mentioned that they still hadn’t decided on a middle name for their child. She said, “It’s not that terrible. It is a tiny amount. The contractions were now about three and a half minutes apart, according to Troy, who was monitoring them. But a few seconds later, Erica’s contorted face made it obvious that she was no longer in agony. Possibly, we ought to contact the nurse. Troy queried. He dialed the hospital first because Erica was in too much agony to answer the phone.

The father cries out, “Oh, that’s right, the baby’s coming,” as he enthusiastically rubs his palms together. As she manages additional contractions, Erica speaks to the nurses while she has them on speaker. They controlled the couple to go straight to the emergency room.

Erica is informed by Troy that they only have 16 minutes remaining and that they should continue. However, when a new round of contractions begins, Erica begs Troy to move quickly. “I must push!” Erica shouted. You must exert effort! When you say you have to press, what do you mean? Troy answered. “No, no, no, no! The infant cannot be pushed. Troy anxiously calculated how far they were from the hospital as Erica, panting, said she was attempting to hold back. The contractions kept happening. Troy was becoming more and more concerned as Erica muttered, “It feels like something’s coming!”

“Honey, should we make a stop?” Troy queried. “I’m not sure,” Erica muttered as she writhed in agony and looked for a cozy position. The couple called the hospital, who advised them to pull over and call emergency services.

And in case there’s any doubt about how she’s about to give birth, Erica screams, “Ring of Fire!” The midwife remained on the phone and dialed the ambulance service number, as Troy pulled to the curb and circled around Erica. “I can see the baby’s head! The baby’s head is out! Troy said before the baby was born just seconds later. “Does the baby cry?” asked the emergency services, and like a perfectly scripted movie, Nova began to cry along with her relieved parents.

The couple explained on their YouTube channel: “This is a real shot of our baby being born. We couldn’t have foreseen this… it was scary, very scary. The camera was filming for Troy’s YouTube channel and we were hoping to film it at the hospital but we never made it. It was a wild experience and we wanted to share it.”

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