Birth Shots From An Award-Winning Photographer

Dania is a mother of four and a professional maternity photographer. All of the images that can be found on Lauren and Douglas’ Instagram profiles were taken by her and her husband. The name “Lauren and Douglas” emerged about 15 years ago when the pair placed their middle names next to one other and believed that if they ever started their own business, the name would serve as a fitting moniker. decent business. Both enjoy taking pictures of “the raw beauty of life,” as they put it. Dania specializes in photographing new-borns and births.

Amazing and real photos of the birth process, moms holding their infants for the first time, mothers breastfeeding for the first time, and pictures of the babies can all be seen on the couple’s page. In the area of “Birth Details,” one of Dania’s photographs took home the top honor in the greatest birth images competition in 2022.

The winner of this contest’s first prize was Anne Lucy from Brazil, whose image was titled “The Most Important Love in the World.” The new mother sobbed with happiness and love as she hugged her newborn for the first time.

Because they capture the actual emotions and beauty of the birth, Dania’s photos all stand out.

Infant with fetal sebum in mother’s arms at birth.

The sexiest picture has parents and a baby.

Mother holding her infant in her arms.

Dania takes a lot of black and white pictures.

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