Baby Was Born Three Months Prematurely And Weighing Just 2lb 2oz Was Saved By Her Parent’s Kangaroo Cuddles

When Nellie, a newborn who weighed only 2 lb 2 oz and was born three months early, was saved by her parents’ embrace, who held her in their arms like an intestinal baby. Nellie was kept alive by doctors by being kept warm in a little plastic bag, but after three days, was transferred onto Paige’s mother’s chest. She and Nellie’s everything is stimulated by kangaroo hugs, in which infants are kept warm by their mothers’ bodies, similar to how young kangaroos are kept warm in their mothers’ pockets. Paige Pattinson says of Nellie: “Nellie was such a tiny warrior from the start, she squealed and fought. I reside with my partner Jack Brain, 26, in Newton Abbot, Devon. She is only skin and bones, but she’s fully grown and still looks perfect to me.

Paige’s pregnancy was abnormal up until the midwife’s 12-week ultrasound, when she discovered low protein levels in her ld. According to the woman, “I felt terrified when my midwife told me that my protein levels were low and that my fetus was not supplying the nutrition it needed for the baby to develop. I used to announce that I might become pregnant shortly. But, the doctors opted to do an emergency procedure at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth after Paige underwent an ECG at 29 weeks to assess his activity because they were concerned about what they discovered. aged 25 is Paige Her heart rate was gradually decreasing and wouldn’t jump again. That was the most wonderful sensation in the world to hear her sob. As she placed inside a sandwich bag by the doctors who tried to keep her warm, and the was hooked up to a machine to monitor her.

The physicians instructed Paige to begin treating the cute kangaroo three days later. Nellie will become stronger if you cuddle her. Every day, I would give her long hugs to attempt to keep her heart rate up. She responds when we speak to her. I felt her and his breaths. Giving her hugs increased my milk supply through the feeding tube. I can be snuggled, so that’s why I get up every morning with that knowledge. After two months of daily hugs, Nellie was finally brought home just before Christmas of last year, doubling her weight to 4lb, 4oz. Bringing her home was incredible, recalls Paige. We eventually felt like regular tenants. Although Nellie is now healthy, she still visits the doctor frequently.

Paige adds: “Knowing how our hugs made ake a different from her height is amazing. Now that we’re home, Nellie is thriving, rocking out and finding her true self. We get so many smiles from her every day, she’s just starting to sound triple and every milestone she hits just makes me proud.”

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