After Three Years Of Attempting To Get Pregnant A Couple Welcomes Four Healthy Babies.

Morales Osuna, 30, from San Diego, California, gave birth to three girls and one boy via C-section, following three years of fertility treatment. She managed to carry the quadruplets – who all weighed 4lbs – until 34 weeks, enjoying a stress-free pregnancy. Morales and husband Issac, 29, had ignored advice to terminate two of their babies to avoid a risky pregnancy.

Teacher Morales stated: “We always wanted four children, but we never thought we’d get four at once”.

IUI is a procedure that involves inserting sperm straight into your uterus to increase your chance of becoming pregnant. After two rounds of this procedure, I became pregnant. When the couple learned they were expecting quads at seven weeks along, they were over the thrilled.

After years of trying to start a family, Morales and Isaac expressed their joy upon meeting Marissa, Marcelo, Ivanna, and Isabel.

In 2015 the couple planned to have a new family member. But unfortunately she had health problems, she learned she had ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes as well as endometriosis. So pregnancy for her and her husband is not really easy like many other couples.

Fortunately, when they intervened medically, she became pregnant thanks to IUI. Fortunately, the pregnancy went smoothly despite the risks of carrying twins. When health was not good, Morales pregnancy did not suffer from morning sickness and it was smooth.

When she was 34 weeks pregnant, her swelling was quite large, the cesarean section was successful. The babies were all born weighing over 4lbs and we were all in the same house just 9 days later. Isaac and Morales now run a military-style operation at home to make sure they can breastfeed and change at the same time.

They are well mannered, but raising four kids is challenging, she continued. Every day, we change 32 diapers and do a ton of washing. We couldn’t be happier with our existing family, which is undeniably complete, so it was all worth it.

The couple chose to document their journey online – on their ‘Zero 2 Quads’ blog – from the start of their pregnancy to help inspire other hopeful parents.

Morales stated: “We want to show everyone else to never give up on their baby hopes as well as capture our quads achievements.

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