After Three Heartbreaking Miscarriages, A Couple Celebrates The Birth Of Miracle Twins

The couple was thrilled to have twins after spending £82,000 on IVF and suffering through three devastating miscarriages. Teachers Amy and Gary O’Keeffe started trying for a child while they were on their honeymoon six years ago, and Amy became pregnant immediately away. Eventually, we had to shut the door because we had to stop debating if we wanted the family of our dreams. We finally got the happy ending we had been hoping for, and now we can start the next chapter as a family of four. Gary and I are both teachers who like kids and can’t wait to have our own family.

We’ve been married for six years and have been together for eleven. After being married and becoming pregnant on our honeymoon, we started trying for a child; the tragic outcome was that we experienced our first miscarriage.

“We had no trouble getting pregnant, so we didn’t anticipate any issues in the future, but after 14 months of trying again, we were unsuccessful. We should have had an easier time becoming pregnant because we are in our 20s. We went to a GP because I was concerned that the miscarriage had placed us off schedule, and they recommended that we see an assisted reproductive facility. We underwent a battery of tests, but we never received a formal diagnosis; our problem was labeled as unexplained infertility.

The Carlow, Ireland-based couple started their IVF process in 2017, and Amy became pregnant twice, first in October 2018 and once in January 2020. However, both pregnancies ended in miscarriages.

Doing the same thing repeatedly is destructive, she declared. I lose a little more hope each time I tell myself I can’t go on. We decided that we would give up if we didn’t become pregnant after the tenth round of IVF because the odds were overwhelmingly against us.”

“We were on the verge of accepting the possibility that we would not be able to have children of our own. To pay for IVF, we both have side jobs. It was now a component of our household budget. Sometimes, we have to delay the cycle while saving money to pay for it.”

“We transferred two embryos during our tenth embryo transfer in November of last year, but we weren’t expecting them to work. I started to feel pretty sick a week after the transfer, even though you can’t test for two weeks. I simply reasoned that perhaps this time I was pushing my body too hard and overdoing it, but out of curiosity, I decided to take a pregnancy test, and I noticed a bold line on the stick. We chose to visit the family doctor after the clinic opted not to check. The doctor asked if we thought there was a chance it might be twins, but after everything we’ve gone through, we’re not sure. I never thought I’d be so fortunate.

First ultrasound for the couple was five days ago before Christmas last year and they were terrified of receiving more bad news. Amy said she couldn’t believe it when the nurse told them she could see a second baby.

“It was a surprise because the odds were against us. Our family was overjoyed when we told them. I think they feel so relieved after five years of knowing the bad news, and if it’s the good news, then it’s a surprise. it turned out to be bad news. So although everyone was happy, it came with a warning. It was sweet and bitter.”

“I was terrified of having too much baby stuff in the house until the end of my pregnancy because I was always worried about whether we would be able to bring the twins home. The pregnancy went smoothly. I held my babies up to 37 weeks and had to give birth. I delivered them naturally on different days and both are different star signs

Maisie, weighing 5 lbs, was born just before midnight on July 22 and is a Cancer, while her twin brother Jared, weighing 5 lbs 8oz, was born shortly after midnight on July 23 and belongs to the zodiac sign. Lion.

“We didn’t know the gender of the babies, so we were very happy when we found out we had a boy and a girl. It was the best thing.


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