After Six Miscarriages, The Woman Diagnosed With Endometriosis Gave Birth To A Baby

Despite having six miscarriages, Keira Rumble persisted and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy, referring to herself as “the happiest other person in the world.” Within three years, she attempted to conceive six times, with the last effort being the hardest, as she endured days of agony.

Keira’s obstetrician recommended an induction at 38 weeks and four days, knowing her history of PTSD from past hospital experiences. As Keira’s mum had all four of her babies late, including Keira, she never considered her baby might come early.

“I had been having acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and at around 35 weeks, I started getting some mild cramping mid-session, which we all assumed was normal.

“Then on the Sunday, when I was 35 weeks and six days, I lost my mucus plug. My obstetrician told me to call on Monday morning and so I did a funny post on Instagram saying how I should probably pack my hospital bag.”

“After six hours of strong contractions, I assumed we must be close but when the midwife checked me, I was only two centimetres dilated and after another hour, I was still only three centimetres dilated. I opted for a low dose epidural to help relax my body but still keep some sensation, and I went to eight centimetres dilated within 45 minutes!

“I pushed for half an hour and could feel everything.

“Just before Hunter was born, his little hand came out with his head so my obstetrician, with Anthony’s assistance, pushed him gently back in and as his shoulders came out, I pulled him onto my chest.”

Baby Hunter Philip Harris was born at 7.55pm on July 5, 2021 with a full head of hair.

She emphasized, “I feel so close to him now, even though I only hugged him for 30 seconds when he was born.” He was then sent to the intensive care unit, where he was given 100% oxygen to lie down. When I first put him in my arms, he was bruised and had trouble breathing.”

And she said, “When I said hello, I didn’t initially have any special connection to the greeting as I had anticipated. Even more difficult is not being able to hold and breastfeed.”

However, the happiest woman in the world claims that she wants to share her parenting path to inspire and give hope to all women trying to conceive.

Rumle wants the mothers presently raising children to know that they are not alone. October 15 is Resurrection Day in Pregnancy and Infant Loss. For two and a half years, I suffered the loss following six failed births. But today is the day I get to hold my kid in my arms,” she added.

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