After A Single Night Of A “Grindr Hook-Up,” A Pregnant Man Gives Birth And Becomes A “Seahorse Parent”

In the latter half of 2020, transgender man Ash Patrick Schade, 28, gave birth to his first kid. He dated Grindr before getting pregnant. Ash Patrick Schade never considered having children when he was 28 years old. Life, however, had other plans. This young transgender man from Huntington, West Virginia got pregnant in February 2020 after dating a total stranger on Grindr.

The Huntington, West Virginia, USA, PHD student and mental health worker was astounded by the information but immediately stopped her hormone therapy in order to give birth to her daughter Ronan Shiva, who is now a year old. Despite the surprise, Ash, who is a girl by birth, claimed he “fell in love with my bump.” I had a challenging time between 2019 and 2020. Due to the divorce, I was concerned about my mental health. I eventually joined Grindr and became pregnant. However, nothing foresaw Ash getting pregnant at some point. The young man underwent extensive hormone treatment when he realized he was carrying a child since he was born with a gender identification different from the one assigned at birth.

I was taking testosterone gels and estrogen suppressors when I became pregnant, and I never imagined I could do so because it was such a rare occurrence, recalls Ash. Due to going through a divorce, I had a difficult time in 2019 and 2020 and battled with my mental health. I ended up using Grindr to hook up, and I unintentionally became pregnant. Despite my dysphagia and the associated risks, I managed to get through the pregnancy and fell in love with my bump. I love Ronan more than I love myself. She is everything to me.

Despite the surprise, Ash decides to become pregnant with Term. He is eager to become a seahorse father and start his own family. Transgender or non-binary gestational parents are referred to as practicing seahorse parenting. The male seahorse that bears and gives birth to live offspring is where the term “seahorse” originates. But for the soon-to-be father, who must deal with the prejudice of others and the lack of support from professionals while experiencing gender dysphoria, it is a very challenging assignment.

Due to a frequent dearth of medical personnel who are competent and sympathetic to her predicament, Ash finds it challenging to become pregnant. “When I originally learned that I was pregnant, no one wanted to take my case. There is a lot of chance for the pregnancy to go wrong because I am such a high-risk case. He did, however, work with me to comprehend how I felt and what I was going through when I was hired as a doctor. The medical staff was notified of my predicament when I went into labor, which was amazing until they were subsequently replaced by different staff. One of them must have been startled when they saw my hairy legs mounted on a tripod since they suggested that I “rethink your gender identity.”

One year later, Ash is raising a miracle son named Ronan Shiva with her husband, Jordan, and is a content walrus father. “I am concerned about my capacity as a parent and about how other people will view me. Jordan, my husband’s love, stood by me throughout the entire process and even helped me cut Ronan’s chord. Despite the physical challenges she faced while pregnant, Ash has found comfort in her husband’s love and the internet LBGTQI+ network.

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