A Nigerian Mother Of Twins Celebrates Her Quadruplet’s First Birthday

A picture of a mother in Nigeria cuddling twins and a quadruplet while wishing for such prized presents In the picture, the mother, named as Chindinma Offor, is carrying her first set of twins, a boy and a girl, as she celebrates the first birthday of each of her four children. The proud mother, who welcomed a set of twins before the quadruplet, praised God and her family for their support as she raised her children in addition to sharing her amazing experience with quadruplets before and after birth. You may read her complete account and view the breathtaking pictures below.

It was an extremely choppy ride. I believed I had seen it all when I gave birth to my first twins and experienced the restless nights Koby and Kaira gave me. Without a doubt! Prior to having a quadruplet. I ran some issues with my maids while I was expecting (boo, these maids know how to misbehave at the wrong time). I quickly sent them home since I was so disappointed in them. My devoted husband helped me take care of the house while I was carrying a large baby for around six months, although my tummy was as big as a baby’s. a typical nine-month period). Yes, caring for my house is more satisfying than raising my first set of twins since it’s simpler when two people misbehave simply because they are both impaired.  I need to prove them wrong or so I think. I clean, mop, cook… I can’t help doing these things against the Doctor’s advice.

Even though he occasionally nods off while praying, he continues to kneel beside my bed for hours. After facing workplace stress, he completed all of this.

At some point, stress-induced false contractions start to happen. In order for the hospital staff to properly care for me, my husband requested that I bring some clothes with me when he went to AWKA LIFE HOSPITAL. I sobbed deeply because I was highly regarded rather than because I was afraid. I made a list of questions like: who will watch my kids? How would their spouse raise them in distant Awka? How are they going to get to school? How would my spouse care for me while simultaneously caring for my infant? oh! I was cry so much. I didn’t know that God had planned it all.

We managed to get the kids to see my husband’s parents Pius Ifeanyichukwu Okafor Maureen Okafor, my mother Chukwu Gold and my sister staying with her mother-in-law. .They take good care of my children. My mom takes them to school by driver d, sometimes alone, then she rushes home to get ready for work…My Swt mom, you love u.chai! You know that saying “A woman appreciates her mother more when she starts having children of her own”…. Very true. Together they took care of my children while we were away. When Koby n Kaira came to see me at hospital d, I was extremely happy, they gained a lot of weight. They look very well taken care of. But I wonder how my mom and sister are coping because Koby and Kaira are still up every 3 hours to feed evn at night.

At 32 weeks, I was quadruple, and that marked the start of another journey. It has not been easy these past few months. After receiving a vaccination, the temperature was set to 1°C for 4 days, which caused me to sleep for up to 30 minutes per night for 2 nights. Sometimes I question whether vaccines are actually essential. They became really ill as a result. They see everything as a struggle. Even in these images, they all demand to be fed simultaneously and given equal attention. Originally, I had planned to use three different clothes for this photo shoot, but after much pleading, we were only able to utilize one. Koby n Kaira isn’t left behind. Life wasn’t always simple.

We turn one year old today, now you see why I am especially excited for this birthday. It marks the beginning of a certain degree of freedom. Shebi u see all dese ppl mining upandan, let me say it again, it’s not easy o! You will feel discouraged at times but trust me, if you keep pushing, you will be surprised how much of it.

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