A Newborn Baby’s Love For His Mother Is An Affectionate Embrace After Birth

Newborn babies and their mothers fall in love at first sight. With her love for her the night before she was too young, the young girl and her mother inspired admiration in the medical team for the nursing staff.

Their second exchange of things is for a different motive. She filmed it while quite anxious. In reality, this specific film was widely distributed online and televised throughout the world. In particular, the Sata Moica hospital in Brazil is where the birth took place. The child’s name at birth was Agata Ribeiro Coelho. After the cesarean section, she was actually raised in her mother’s arms.

When a newborn baby is facing its mother. In fact, it seems like she doesn’t want to leave her mother. This is because she feels comfortable in that place. She enjoyed the warmth of her mother’s whispers in her ear.

The happiest moment is when you are skin-to-skin with your baby. Seeing your baby with your own eyes and skin, not looking at your baby through an ultrasound screen as usual. Happiness cannot be expressed in words, when you reciprocate that love.

“The moment my daughter hugged me for the first time was shock and surprise,” her mother later said. “The medical team was excellent, and everyone was amazed with our little one. They couldn’t believe how much better she was than me! her mother said.

Maternal love, a great love. No one said it was their mother, but there was always a bond between them from the moment they were born. Because it is a close relationship, a blood relationship that has no words to describe it. That love is gratitude, when a mother has been carrying a heavy burden for 9 months and 10 days. Give your child the right to live and be present in the world today.

Together, they stayed like this for a while until Agatha started crying. Without a beat, Breпda began to speak sweetly to her little girl. Her loving words bring peace to Agatha.

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