8 Rare Baby Names You’ll Find Interesting

There are numerous baby names with lovely meanings. However, you’ll discover that every tenth person you meet has that name or knows someone who does. We also assume that you don’t want your child to have to share a name with other students in his or her class. And that’s when you choose something uncommon or with a special significance. There are also a lot of uncommon names in use. However, not every uncommon name you encounter will sound good or have a good connotation associated with it. We are aware of how difficult it is to choose a lovely-sounding, uncommon name.


Look no further if you want a strong and powerful name for your little one. Iyad is a Quranic name with several meanings. It means support, reinforcement, powerful person, or something that shields.


You may be familiar with the name Vivian. Viviana, a more complex variation that is less frequently used, sounds just as charming. Its root is the Latin word vivus, which means life. Despite the fact that this name has been used in many different ways, Viviana sticks out as a unique name.


What better tribute to John Lennon could there be than to give your child the name Lennon? Lennon was a well-liked name in the past, but it’s currently becoming more popular as a gender-neutral name. Yes, that is accurate. Now all Beatles admirers can proudly give their daughters the name Lennon.


Darsha is a name of Indian origin. It is a name with a deep meaning. It means to perceive, to see, or to have a vision. Who knows, your little one would turn out to be a great leader or an activist. Darsha is a perfect name for either a girl or a boy, making it gender-neutral.


Numerous nations, notably Finland, Germany, and the United States, like the name Nicholas. With the exception of various regions of Europe, its variation Niko is rather uncommon. With this name, you won’t even need to search for a nickname. And if you feel like this is too casual, Niko also works well as a Nickname for Nicholas.


Bahni is a name of Sanskrit origin which means “fire.” Is your baby a real spitfire? This name will perfectly sum up your strong little girl and all her spunk.


A common girl’s name is Sage. However, you can choose it for your son, making it a unique boy’s name. A spice that is used in cooking is sage. Additionally, since this name is gender-neutral, you can choose it before learning the baby’s gender.


Aashi is a name of Indian origin and means “smile.” If you are thinking of a joyful positive name for your little angel, then this is the one. And you don’t have to look for a nickname with this. Aashi is as sweet and simple as it gets.

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