4 Childbirth Myths And Facts Every Mother Must Be Aware Of

Everyone has an opinion, friends, family, mothers, neighbors, and even the internet. With the deluge of opinions, it is easy to be swept away. The same is true of childbirth. Information may be obtained from a variety of sources quite easily, but how can you tell if it is accurate?

Luckily for you, we are here to help you debunk the myths and tell you the truth. One can become perplexed and overwhelmed since there are so many varied experiences, tales, options, opinions, and viewpoints. Stay put while we explain the truth behind a few myths if you want to learn the truth about birthing.

  1. Epidurals:

Myth: “It hurts and there is nothing you can do except opt for an epidural.”

Fact: It is true that if you wish to reduce your pain and discomfort, epidurals are a viable choice. There are other ways to increase your comfort and reduce your pain, albeit it might not be effective for all women.

  1. C-Section:

Myth: “My friend had to have an emergency C-section, and I’m afraid this will happen to me.”

Fact: The above statement cannot be considered as a fact because every woman’s body is different, which means her experiences and birthing process will be different to yours. You don’t necessarily have to experience what another woman did just because she did.

  1. The Amount Of Food You Eat:

Myth: “You’re eating for two.”

Fact: In the movies and even books, we’re told that pregnant women are ALWAYS hungry and eat everything in sight. Particularly unhealthy food thanks to their cravings, as they’re eating for themselves and the baby. You are just eating for a tiny infant, not another adult, and we’re sorry to have to break it to you. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pregnant women typically require 300 additional calories per day for the development of the fetus (ACOG). So a glass of skim milk will only have 300 calories! Ideal pregnancy weight increase for a normal-weight woman is between 25 and 35 pounds.

  1. Pushing Hard:

Myth: “You have to push while lying on the bed.”

Fact: Again, going back to the movies, we only see women lying down in bed and pushing. However, this is not necessary by any means! According to ‘Lying In: A History of Childbirth in America’, it is not vital to be in the lying down position; it was only used as the norm because of convenience.

Otherwise, women have given birth in many different positions, it just depends on what feels right and comfortable for you. You can give birth in any posture, whether you’re standing, sitting, or squatting. Ask your doctor if they are cool with the positions that are most comfortable for you.

We hope our post helped debunk some myths and clear your confusion. What myth did you grow up listening about? Does it feature on our list? Tell us here.

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