29-Year-Old Jessa Duggar Shares Sensual Photos of Her Newborn Baby

Five days after giving birth, Jessa Duggar posted a sweet collection of images of her fern-colored daughter. It rarely goes as planned to have a baby. You might expect a vaginal birth but ultimately have a cesarean section, go into labor before your delivery is finished, become extremely pregnant after your period is past due, or, in extremely rare circumstances, give birth before you arrive at the hospital or birthing facility where you had planned to give birth.

Counting After giving birth at home to three prior children, On star Jessa, 29, gave birth to Fern, her fourth kid with husband Ben Seewald, in a hospital. She shared a photo of the two-week-old infant dozing off while wrapped in a bright blue and white blanket. In the cute picture, Fern was wrapped on a pink blanket and had a sweet white bow in her hair. Given that all Duggar mothers typically greet their infants at home unless medically necessary, giving birth in a hospital is a contentious decision.

The Duggars are a very traditional Christian family that also believe in birth control, no premarital sex, and homeschooling your kids. Even though I didn’t have the epidural until right before she delivered, Jessa said: “I felt it was still totally worth it. It not only aided my push period, but it also completely eliminated the discomfort.

What I’m really excited about is not being able to feel the after birth cramps. Because those things are horrible and they get worse with each kid. So I’m really excited to not be able to feel it and just enjoy holding my baby.

And you don’t feel all the massages the nurses give you, she said. so wonderful Very appreciative After Jessa went through a ss pregnancy the previous year, the couple first revealed that they were expecting their fourth child in February. “After the tragic miscarriage last year, we are thrilled to announce that another little Seewald is on the way,” they stated.

The pregnancy went smoothly, and both the baby and Jessa are healthy. We are so grateful to WOOD for the precious gift of a new life! They continued. The kids are so excited and we can’t wait to have this little baby in our arms this summer.”

Baby Fern is 21 inches long and a little over eight and a half pounds in weight. The delighted parents then shared touching moments with their baby daughter. The famous couple is also parents to Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, and Ivy, 1. She was first introduced to her siblings, who were staying with Ben’s parents, over FaceTime on Monday morning.


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