12 Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

It goes without saying that the very best thing about pregnancy is the beautiful little baby that you get to cuddle at the end of it. That wonderful little part of you that you will love for the rest of your life.

Pregnancy is in no way easy. But there are many things to love about the experience. There are quite a few things that are unique to the experience that you are going to miss when the baby comes out. Here are some of them:

#1 Dress comfy- don’t worry about the trends

You can wear anything you want and dress as you like—your comfort is all that matters! No one in their right mind would try to condemn a pregnant lady based on her clothing!

No more skinny jeans, heels, stiff fabrics, or tight tops. Soft, comfortable clothes with elastic waist bands for the win.

#2 Flaunting that yummy tummy!

You never have to suck in your tummy while posing for a photograph now, and it’s okay if your posture isn’t perfect- the attention is going to be all on the bump. Wear crop tops to show off your stomach and stand tall for pictures that show how joyful and radiant you are even with a moon-sized bump!

#3 Special bonding with your partner

Initially, for quite a few months, you will not want to tell anyone and everyone that you’re pregnant and that’s great- you don’t have to. For the time being, this is a particular secret that you and your spouse share, and you now live in your own little universe with a little child who is eager to join the celebration. While you wait for your baby to say hello, you and your partner have tender and wonderful moments.

#4 All that attention, and some more!

Everyone around you is happy for you and wherever you go, all eyes are on you. Thanks to that delightful little bump on your head, you are the focus of attention everywhere. All of a sudden, everyone wants to know everything about you, your life, and your child. And even if you are shy, you enjoy the attention anyway.

#5 Your parents are simply delighted!

If your parents, like most, have been hinting about wanting to get little baby feet running around their house and wanting to read stories to their grandchildren, well, well, well. When you tell your parents the news, no one will be happier—not even you or your partner—and their joy is all you need to keep going.

#6 Don’t want to carry your bags? You don’t have to

You’re not supposed to lift anything heavy anyway and this is a great time to not carry your shopping bags, groceries, or anything around ever again for quite a while. Let everyone else carry everything heavy around you for once when you sit back and pat your belly- even if the bump is not evident yet.

#7 There’s a seat for you, everywhere

Not everyone is going to be as gracious as they should be, but most people who notice your protruding belly will offer up their seat for you on the bus or the park bench. Pregnancy bumps become very handy when you’re anticipating a long ride in a crowded bus or train.

#8 You can blame your belly

Follow up each bizarre and extravagant request with the words, “It’s for the baby,” and you will have every wish your heart desires. Or, more likely, your tummy.

#9 All those massages!

During pregnancy, it is suddenly acceptable to spend large amounts of money on regular massages. You’re also totally within your rights to demand daily massages upon your return home from work.

#10 Nap all you want

Don’t bother explaining why you must sleep at 2 o’clock and again at 6 o’clock; just go to sleep whenever you want. Everyone, including your doctor, agrees that you need as much sleep as you can get.

#11 Everyone is super nice to you!

Enjoy this while it lasts- everyone simply loves you and forgives you no matter what you do and say when you’re pregnant. These little incidences of joy don’t last long but that doesn’t really matter- your life is going to turn from happy to ecstatic in a matter of months. Still, it’s about the little things, right?

#12 Feeling Your Baby Kick For The First Time… And Every Time After That

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is nothing short of amazing, and will really make the pregnancy feel so much more real.

Many new mothers miss feeling their baby kick after they are born, so enjoy each one!

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