Woman’s Twin Belly Impresses With Its Size, Which Is Far From Abnormal

Isa Scherer, an actress, presenter, and chef who is also pregnant, has been flaunting her stunning appearance on social media as she prepares mouthwatering dishes. She made fun of the astounding size in the picture by adding the caption, “This elly size is not normal,” herself. “Like in a pregnancy with twins? The answer is true, for instance, if Isa claims that her “belly has no lies” and that, jokingly stated in another piece, “if I don’t give birth next week, I guess I sneezed and they would come out of the belly button yours,” respectively.

Experts say there is no precise upper limit to the size of a pregnant belly during a healthy pregnancy, particularly in the case of twin pregnancies, which result in two fetuses and consequently double the amount of placental fluid. One of the worries for those with particularly large stomachs, according to a UOL report, is the likelihood of bumping or bumping against the belly, as well as the possibility of being flung on the soles or encountering other events owing to loss of sensation. the actual size. Physical therapy can help decrease the back pain, exhaustion, and leg edema that can be brought on by abdominal weight. Fabiula Nascimento discusses having joy with her own body after giving birth to twins way.

The effect of stretching on the skin, which can dry out and create stretch marks or fissures and can be treated with medicine, is another symptom of pregnancy that is increased on a larger belly. moisturizers, a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, and medical counsel are all recommended. Isa, who is pregnant with model Rodrigo Calazans and is currently in her 37th week, experienced strong contractions recently and went to the hospital, but it turned out to be a false alarm. “They weren’t born and they cheated on me,” she said in a photo she agreed to about her hospital visit.

“I was running and they tricked me too,” athlete Fernando Scherer, Isa’s father, wrote in the application. As he agrees on his network, the deadline to complete a cesarean is September 11.

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