White Missionary Couple Give Birth To Black Triplets After ‘Adopting’ Leftover African-American Embryos From Discarded IVF Treatment

The parents were overjoyed to adopt a boy and a girl, both of whom were colored. We were aware that, particularly in the south, a white marriage without any white offspring was provoking a wide range of reactions. There will always be elderly white women in the grocery store shaking their heads at us or older white women glaring at us with absolute disgust.

But because they care so much about their family, they wouldn’t change a thing. The Christian couple, who were working as missionaries in Honduras, wanted to expand their loving family. Soon after that, they were made aware of the possibility of adoption. The neonates thus have a higher chance of surviving since they are implanted with s that have been stored in the s of adoptive moms for many years. In the case of Aaron and Rachel, the frozen patiently waited 15 years. In an effort to distinguish themselves from their white parents, Rachel and Aaron decided to breach the s-rule by wearing colored s. They were aware that their contentious and culturally insensitive choice would garner a lot of criticism, but they also understood that they were doing the right thing.

The couple soon learned they were expecting triplets after Rachel had two frozen African-American eggs injected; one of the inserted eggs split. Thankfully, there are three hearts that are still beating.

The group’s three girls were all born in April. Aaron claims that even though neither Rachel nor she had expected becoming parents when they initially started dating 12 years ago, they are deeply grateful that God has given them the responsibility of raising these children.

It gives us comfort to know that almost all of our friends and relatives have shown their unwavering support for our family and the unique way we have raised it. We achieve the lifestyle we desire. Given the history of our nation, we are thankful that this dream came true, even though it may not sound like the dream of an ordinary family, said Aaron. Despite the negative comments, Aaron and Rachel are glad they made that decision, and so Rachel was able to experience the pregnancy she’s always wanted. At the same time, the Halbert family of seven is a wonderful example of what faith and love mean.


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