When You Have To Pee And All Of The Sudden You’re Holding Your Child

This infant came as a complete surprise. Because of my PCOS, we had fertility treatments for our first child in 2015, and we never in a million years imagined that we would become pregnant naturally again. We had no intentions of continuing because we were content with our small family of three, but then, surprise! It came as a complete surprise and blessing.

With our first child, on our due date, we went into labor at home for a few hours and then went to the hospital at 9cm and were literally pregnant within minutes and just a few minutes time to give birth. I was able to get her out right away, being a 6-pound, 5-ounce baby girl.

At this second birth, the baby is more than 40 weeks pregnant, my husband is a bit surprised. We had everything in place, down to the peaceful underwater birth I envisioned.

At 2:30 a.m. on the morning of, contractions began. At five in the morning, with regular, brief (30 to 60 seconds) contractions, we headed to the birth center. After a few hours, they became more intense, and when it was finally time, this kid resisted being born! With my brief contractions, his head would occasionally poke out, but I couldn’t lift him above my pubic bone.

This is a much more stressful and exhausting labor process than my first time.

The contractions are continuous for no more than 30 seconds at a time. The last push happened on the toilet after my midwife suggested emptying my bladder, and while sitting there a contraction came, so I pushed and his head came out.

Finally, our sweet BIG BIG boy, who made his mother work so hard, was born. He is two and a half inches older than his sister. Thanks to everyone’s support so I can stay safe.

Photographer, who followed me closely during my birth, to capture every meaningful moment.

The delivery of our children was absolutely amazing, even if it did not go exactly as I had hoped and planned, and I am so proud of them since it was OUR birth.

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