When A 1-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome First Meets His Newborn Sister, He Cries Every Time She Is Taken Away

The mother, Ashlyn Williams, 33, is concerned that her 1-year-old Down syndrome son, Brooks, would be envious of his sister’s looks. He couldn’t stop giggling at his infant sister, which surprised her. Cute video captures the first time a one-year-old child with Down syndrome meets his newborn sister and how he immediately begins to grieve whenever she is taken away. The gathering took place at home, and happily, the family took notes.

Brooks was clearly happy as her mother, Ashlyn Williams, 33, of Arkansas, USA, placed the infant in the lap of her father, Logan, 33. The infant was still grinning at Collyns. The boy started to scream, nevertheless, as soon as the mother removed the child from the situation. “Want her to come back? Back in her father’s arms, the mother asked, “Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Ashlyn, a mother of seven, admitted in an interview that she worried Brooks would be envious of her youngest child before she gave birth. The recent meeting, however, had an impact on the entire family. “May I claim that they will be the best of friends? We don’t know how Brooks would respond to a newborn or if he would be resentful of having to share the spotlight. But it’s wonderful since he already has a huge love for her. He’s a good boy, and we’re pleased with how he responded.

When he met her at the hospital, he reacted the same way, so we had to record it this time,” the mother admitted. The photos and videos have been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook. Everyone was delighted with what the little boy had for his new-born brother, an admirable and cherished affection that cousins had for each other from the first time they met.

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