Unexpectedly A Pregnant Woman Gives Birth To Twins Instead Of A “13-Pound Baby” At Home

Pregnancy is always a hard and exhausting process, along with joy. When morning sickness first appears until they disappear, then when the baby knows how to kick and turn around in the mother’s womb. Then every day I look forward to seeing you, knowing that you are always healthy. An encouragement to mothers.

Meagan Peoples of Minnesota and her husband couldn’t wait to meet their third child when she became pregnant. And when she found out that her baby was going to be a bigger than expected bundle, she wasn’t shocked. When she learned that her third kid would weigh 13 pounds, she wasn’t concerned because her first two babies had each weighed more than ten pounds.

As the Coronavirus outbreak spread around the world, it meant that her husband or any of her relatives were not allowed to be in the room with her for an ultrasound. To be on the safe side, so instead of paying hundreds of dollars to do it alone, she opted out of the ultrasound. According to CBS, she said she refused to go without him and that they didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars letting her go alone. When she was examined, her doctor felt only a baby. “Baby two is right in front and the twins often stack up,” Meagan told CBS.

Meagan and Connor made the decision to have a home birth with the help of two midwives because the pregnancy appeared to be healthy and normal. When we gave birth at home, there were two midwives; the second one peered down and exclaimed, “Oh gosh, there’s another one!” Megan said.

August, their son, was born in the Peoples’ living room without incident. But after waiting for nearly seven minutes, one of the midwives looked down and uttered something that shocked everyone in the room. Daughter Aria was the second child that the couple had. The newly expanded family of six has been staying safe at home since welcoming their unexpected bundles of joy. I feel like I’ve been at home for months, she added. “When we got to two, it really made it worthwhile.”

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