Twins Mom’s Amazing Before-And-After Bellies Pregnancy Photos Go Viral

At the maternity ward, Nubbia erupted about her physical appearance and revealed how her belly had changed after giving birth to twins. Mothers still feel a lot of fear about the postpartum body. One American woman made the decision to publish the entire progression of her tummy and physical appearance after giving birth to twins as she thought back on this trying moment.

In order to raise awareness of the issue, Nubbia released a picture of herself before and after pregnancy: on the left, at 38 weeks gestation, and on the right, eight weeks after giving birth. In all honesty, I have nothing bad to say. I appreciate everything my body has accomplished and given me, especially my priceless little angels. I also won’t claim to love this iteration of myself. I graciously and lovingly accept this version of myself. Do you understand? On her Instagram, Mother Twins posted.

The mother posted other photos of her body transformation and encouraged other women not to feel bad about it. Because there are still a lot of people who want to go through it, but they can’t change it. So let’s be happy because everything that comes to me is more fortunate than many other mothers. What I look like does not define me. What I do to take care of it does. Because I love my body, I eat well. Because I love my body, I exercise. Because I love my body, I treat it with the respect it deserves.

Because I love my body, not because I despise it, I engage in self-love and strive to become a better version of myself! Let’s do this together, and I want to encourage you to compliment yourself! Addition Nubbia.

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