Tiny World: The Strangest Babies On Earth

Oh baby, I’ve got you in the palm of my hand! Canadian artist creates miniature lifelike infants with the most adorable features.

A gifted Canadian artist created the most lovely models of newborns for these pieces.

Camille Allen, 35, British Columbia, makes each of the delicate babies by hand, having learned the skill from her grand-mother-in-law. However, unlike Camille’s, the original baby sculptures were life size.

After trying her hand at infant sculpture, Camille realized she needed a challenge and started working on the miniature versions because she didn’t have enough clay for a larger model.

While she makes the babies to order for customers, Camille admitted that she becomes very attached to each sculpture that she makes and often feels the separation at the end of the process.

Camille said: “When I held the first tiny baby sculpture in my hand I fell in love with it. I have been making the miniature babies ever since.

“I enjoy making new things that never existed before. Making their little faces out of what is essentially a blank lump of clay is my favorite part. A cute little face that seems to have its own personality soon makes its appearance.

“I fall in love with all my little babies, and it is hard to let them go.

“I definitely must be in a calm, patient frame of mind as it is very detailed and painstaking work

“I use a very bright spot lamp and I wear special glasses that have been designed for the exact distance that I hold the baby in my hands for sculpting.

“I haven’t misplaced any of the babies I’ve sculpted, but occasionally they elude my grasp when I’m holding them so delicately and carefully between my fingers.

“It is a delicate balance because of you hold them too tightly then you leave finger impressions. It can destroy hours of hard work with just one slip out of my hands.”


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