This Mom Unexpectedly Gave Birth in a Parking Lot and Has the Astounding Pics to Prove It

Today’s mothers have a wide range of alternatives for childbirth, including water births, cesarean deliveries, home births, and hospital births. But what if circumstances differ from your expectations notwithstanding your decisions? Paula D’Amore is aware of the answer because giving birth to daughter has turned out to be a pleasant event.

As planned, the woman began preparing the essentials in the comfort of her own home, but eventually realized she needed to go to the hospital.

Paulina Splechta, a photographer, was there and she documented Paula’s experience. She immediately sped off from her home to meet her family at the hospital. He was surprised to find the pair remained in the car rather than making a hasty trip to the hospital. As he approached, he saw the lady giving delivery in the vehicle and the father clutching the baby’s head. And the hospital parking lot is where it’s all happening!

Most of us can imagine that there was a panicked atmosphere at the moment. However, the photographer who took frame-by-frame photos of these events reports that the parents worked flawlessly with the midwife and medical staff to assist. Paula’s situation was out, too, for another reason: it was the first time she gave birth naturally after having a cesarean section, which is unusual.

D’Amore told doula Lindsay Ripley that she wanted to spend as much time as possible at home before giving birth. Splechta was there to capture the first moments of the birth. D’Amore takes a bath to ease her uterine contractions, surrounded by the birth affirmations she has posted on the wall. Knowing that her due date was near, D’Amore went out. But the birth happened faster than she expected.

Photographer Paulina Splechta captured images of mother Paula D’Amore giving birth in her SUV in the hospital’s parking lot on Friday. This picture, taken shortly after D’Amore gave birth to Daniella, shows her looking exhausted but lovely.

Father Joe holds his newborn daughter outside the Toppel Family Area of Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

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