These Stunning C-Section Birth Photos Are Nothing Short of Amazing

In recent years, cesarean delivery has become more and more popular, as parents choose the date and time of birth for their baby. In a way, if your child is born on a good day, then his life will be more peaceful and happy. Every form of birth is personal and sacred in its own right. And bringing a human into the world through caesarean section or vaginal birth is just as wonderful as giving birth in any other way. Let’s also take a look at the photos of those brave women below:

“It truly breaks me when I hear that folks feel shame over their cesarean birth. When they internalize the message that their body failed or that they took ‘an easy way out.’ Cesarean birth isn’t easy. It’s not a failure. Cesarean birth requires bravery, courage, release, and strength … just like every other birth experience.

I look at this image of this baby snuggled against his mother’s body, just minutes after they’d been wheeled out of recovery from major surgery … [and] I see a baby that looks completely content. I see a baby falling in love with his mother … as she falls in love with him.”

“This mama ended up with an emergency C-section, and neither the dad nor I were allowed into the OR. Since she was under general anesthetic, the baby was brought out to meet his daddy. It was the sweetest thing, and they snuggled and bonded until mama was awake and able to meet her son. This family was the sweetest, and both parents were so strong.”

“There is a stereotype about C-section births, that it was a choice or that mamas ‘can’t hang.’ I had my own baby in my living room, and I can tell you: C-section mamas have it a million times harder. They are unshakably brave.”

“This mother was able to have her partner, her mother, and two birth photographers present with her during the birth and into recovery thanks to a special set of circumstances, which included an incredibly big OR. Each and every service provider had such regard for her. It served as a powerful example of the reality of family-centered cesareans.”

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