The Pictures Were Taken By A Mother With A Large Belly And Many Stretch Marks

Pregnancy brings a lot of challenges to your body, and while those challenges are great, they can be hard to accept at times. The dizzying change in body appearance, changing time and personality. But if you become a mother, those changes mean nothing to you. It is also happiness, pride and honor.

Learning to love your body before and after giving birth isn’t always easy as it can be confusing. But one mom is sharing photos from her pregnancy shoot to inspire other women. The belly is too big, with more cracks to create a highlight. To create the most soulful and beautiful photos.

Mom Christiпa Abiola posted photos from her photo shoot on Iпstagram. The photos show Abiola, who had no pυttiпg during the shoot, standing with her at 38 weeks pregnant.

Insecurity is a very dangerous thing. I believe It limits us to our full potential. Where does it come from to take pictures of my sex, I’m really scared. I was so scared that I delayed to 38 weeks of pregnancy!” she wrote iп the caption of the post.

I made an effort to raise my grades because I believed that I had experienced great difficulty. My entire belly is covered, and I feel like I’m acting inappropriately… I enjoy calling my points elegant! because the results I get reflect the lovely life I live! I would gladly repeat the process for her.

If the images have gone viral, they serve as a warning to mothers everywhere who may be attempting to accept their postpartum bodies: Women abandon hundreds of loving and meaningful relationships.

No matter how the body changes, the weight increases, the cracks also increase. But for mothers that’s okay, as long as the baby is healthy, everything I can do for you. Because I know not everyone has this noble position, there are many people out there who are having a hard time finding it. So appreciate what you have.

Stretch marks are beautiful, I saw these pictures and the first exam. I think these are stretch marks, never be ashamed,” wrote one, while another said, “I have them too. All on my belly. While I don’t feel ugly or worthy, I do feel different and I

don’t quite love my postpartum belly. Thaпk yoυ for sharing this. It helps me to retract my center.

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