The Miracle Mother Gave Birth To Triplets After Her Last IVF Failed The First Time

A ‘miracle’ mother has given birth to triplets after a devastating miscarriage. When she thought she wouldn’t make it and stopped the opportunity to be a mother. And then she turned to IVF. She was unlucky the first time, and she gave herself and her son another chance. Niketa Bell vowed that her second round of IVF would be her last after trying to conceive for four years. The 25-year-old NHS worker has been struggling to get pregnant after her husband, Mark, discovered a birth defect.

Happily and fortunately, when she decided this was the last time, she had good news. She had her ‘last time’ IVF and was pregnant again last September, after having a 12th week miscarriage in May 2018. Joy broke out after that traumatic failure, news. She became pregnant as a great spiritual gift.

Niketa said: “I always said I would never again have IVF because it was so difficult. It was difficult and emotional. After the first round, I told Mark that I was never really I want to continue with it.”

During the treatment sessions to have children, she had to use fertility drugs. Drugs and everything else took such a toll on her body. And they tell themselves that it will be the last time, that this is the last chance. The overjoyed couple from Carlisle, Cumbria, welcomed their triplets eight weeks early by emergency caesarean section at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Hospital on April 7.

She was very happy when she was pregnant, and fortunately during her pregnancy she did not have any difficulties. She didn’t have too much morning sickness, and the nine months of pregnancy passed quickly and the babies were born healthy. Lola Frances was first born weighing just 3 lbs, followed by identical twin brothers Jacob Douglas and Tommy James, who weighed 3 lb 8oz and 3 lb 10oz respectively. After the birth her children were transferred to James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough for further care.

Not long after the children’s health stabilized, they were discharged home. Niketa, who works as a healthcare assistant at Cumberland Hospital, where the trio were initially cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit, said: “I didn’t understand until I actually got it. I saw them in the incubator and I thought ‘they’re mine’.’

We are finally parents, we are extremely lucky. No words can describe it…. it’s like a dream and you think you’ll wake up. I thank God for bringing my children here. Thank you for your presence in this life.

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