The Baby Was Born With A Purple Birthmark On His Face And Clothes Like A Model

Every mother wants her baby to be born lovely, healthy and beautiful. But sometimes things don’t go as I want, no matter what, for my parents, I will always be an angel.

Chasitty, from Bremerton in Washington, USA, suffered from severe nausea while pregnant with Willow. But that is a sign of pregnant women, if the condition is prolonged and severe, it will make mother and baby unwell.

The hard days of pregnancy are over, and a baby girl was born at Harrison Medical Center in Silverdale on September 17 last year – 10 days overdue and weighing 6lb 2oz.

According to Chasitty, “She was the ideal little kid.” However, when I began nursing her, I observed a dark mark on her right side of the body, along with her arms and chest, as if someone had accidentally spilled red wine on her.

But just a day later, a doctor expressed concern that Willow’s face and right arm, leg and chest remained dark purple. When she was 2 months old, after doing all the tests. The doctor said it was a wine stain, and Willow began 10-minute laser surgery on his birthmark.

“I feel so overwhelmed by what I’m hearing.”

“I started thinking about how she would feel when she got older about her birthmark and my heart ached for her.”

Doctors worried that the birthmark would cause abnormalities in the blood vessels in the skin, and develop into the more serious Sturge-Weber syndrome. Fortunately, after an MRI, the result was negative for Sturge-Weber.

Willow started treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital, every two months. Chasitty said: “The first time Willow was treated, I cried. “She was screaming and it was really heartbreaking to watch.”

Now that the birthmark is so much lighter than when she was born, Willow’s birthmark turns a deep purple in two to three weeks after the laser treatment.

Not so that passion for beautifying children stops her mother, she spends up to 160 pounds a month on her clothes. From beautiful scarves and beanies to coats, Willow wears them with the grace of a top clothing model.

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