Stunning Photos Capture The Special Moments Of Twins’ Birth

Monet Nicole is a skilled maternity photographer, and we frequently share examples of her work that we find inspiring. The photographer has been to hundreds of births and has a wealth of expertise. She thinks that giving birth is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind experience that alters every woman who undergoes it, and she wants to record both the beauty and the moments via her images. birthing process in its earliest stages.

Photos of home births, births in maternity facilities, cesarean births, and water births are posted by Monet on her personal page. Her Instagram page is crammed with images of touching and motivational motherhood-related stories. The fact that she has more than 159,000 followers is not a coincidence.

This photographer recently published another fantastic collection of images. A mother who had vaginal delivery of her twins in a maternity hospital is surrounded by the people she enjoys. While there, Monet documented the scene in her own unique style. Oh, twin wonders. The only option for twins (with a provider) is a hospital in the majority of the United States. When it comes to twins, I firmly believe that everyone deserves more options.

There are many lower-risk twin pregnancies that can happen out of hospital (and we’ve seen this happen in several states across the country). But what happens when your state doesn’t offer home births? You advocate the birth of you and your children. This beautiful mom gave birth to twins in the hospital but she knows she wants her birth to go as smoothly as possible. She carried her babies to full term. She works in whatever position feels best to her.

She requested the presence of her partner, mother, doula, and birth photographer. She did not receive an epidural and gave birth when she felt ready. She even requested that her midwife hold her child. It serves as a strong, lovely reminder of how we can and must assist one another as we enter the hospital.

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