Quintuplets Joy For Parents “Desperate For One More Baby To Complete Their Family”

For their sons Shayden, 12, and Landon, 7, Jamie and Skyler, 36, wanted siblings. But because Jamie had polycystic ovarian syndrome, the couple had trouble becoming pregnant for five years. The first IUI reproductive cycle they attempted was unsuccessful, but the second one was. Although they were aware that the likelihood of having more children was increased, they were informed that the likelihood of conceiving five children was 0.003%. Jamie Scott, a mother of two, has been longing for a third child to complete her family and is anxiously anticipating her first ultrasound.

When the ultrasound tech read the results, “One… two… three… four… then, in a split second, “Five!” she was astounded. Jamie and her husband Skyler are expecting two five-year-olds rather than a baby as they had originally intended. “After the ultrasound revealed five kids, my initial concern was whether or not they were still alive,” recalled Jamie, 33. I am aware that having multiples puts the mother and the child in danger. Thankfully, each of the five had a healthy heartbeat and was the ideal size. We feel tremendous relief. After the scan, Jamie recalled, “we were so thrilled that we hauled the boys out of school and filmed them when I asked them how many babies they believed were in my womb.”

“Landon quadrupled while Shayden predicted triplets. When I told them we were having five kids, they all gasped.” Unlike the pregnancies of her sons, Jamie’s pregnancy turned out to be different. I appeared to be nine months pregnant at 18 weeks. We were thrilled to learn that we were expecting three girls and two boys when we went to the hospital for another ultrasound. Shayden and Landon now have three sisters, which is exactly what we hoped for them to have!” While trying to come up with five names, they simply gave them the names A, B, C, D, and E.

Although Jamie did not have many illnesses, having five children while pregnant provided her with a number of difficulties. Jamie remembers: “We began in the ward with six doctors panicking. I asked if we had any hope of saving the pregnancy and one doctor said ‘no’. He told us we would lose all our children.

My white blood cell count is dangerously high.”

Jamie’s body miraculously healed itself a second time, and she was laid to rest on the bed. Her contractions started when she was 29 weeks pregnant. Violet Rose weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces, Daisy Kate weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces, Logan Matthew weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces, Lincoln Alan 2 pounds, and Lily Jane 2 pounds 3 ounces. Amie said: “My heart is full of emotions. “I stared at it all, looking at the 50 fingers and 50 little toes in front of me.

Jamie added: “Skyler and I agree we’re going to be tired over the next 18 years and we’re a lot outnumber the kids, but we’re ready for the madness. Bring it up!

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