Proud Mother Defying Odds Of 2,000,000-1 To Gave Birth To Identical Triplets

One delighted mother explained how she overcame a 2,000,000-1 chance to naturally conceive three identical triplets. Martin and Melanie Thornton, both 27 years old, are from Paignton, Devon. Despite the fact that Melanie and Martin already have a 13-year-old daughter named Tia, Martin persuades her to try for a second child. On Valentine’s Day of last year, they learned Melanie was expecting, but were heartbroken to learn from a medical scan that at 12 weeks, she had given birth to triplets. Seven weeks earlier, on August 25, two identical sisters were born in Torbay Hospital through c-section. Boe arrived first and weighed 3lbs 3oz. Mika followed a minute later and weighed 3lbs 1oz. Hope arrived last and weighed barely 2lbs 13oz.

I’ve seen images of premature kids before, so I think they’re a little strange, Melanie explains.” Nonetheless, these are small, completely formed newborns.” Unbelievable. The entire room was taken up by my kids. It’s comforting to see how healthy they are and that their only breathing assistance is a tiny feeding tube. They have happy, healthy kids. They enjoy cuddling. They enjoy holding hands and encircling one other with their arms. Their preferred position is with Mika in the middle, holding both hands. Melanie acknowledges that she was initially taken aback by how dissimilar the second pregnancy felt from the one with her eldest daughter Tia.

The mother said, “I said before the scan that there was something special this time. “I’m sure there’s more than one, I stated a few times, but I never said triplets. They claimed I chuckled and inquired, “Where’s the camera?” so I assumed they were making a joke or staging a scene.

It’s wonderful to finally see them when they are born. I’m not sure who I should talk to, touch, or meet first. People have been offering to help me because I had three since we got them home. Yet, they were all wonderful, sleeping well the night before. But, if I separate them, they will start to cry. The better, the closer they are to one another.

Each month they bulk buy nearly 100 liters of baby formula for their three triplets and organize special garbage collection sessions to dispose of more than 200 dirty diapers a week. But the proud mother insists that the mountains of filthy baby clothes and loads of food are worth it for the adorable trio, who are happiest when holding hands and cuddling.

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