Proper Hygiene Steps For Newborn Babies At Home

Each of us wants to be a mother, a sacred and noble vocation. But in order to hear the sweet mother’s words from their beloved, all mothers go through a long and hard pregnancy. After 9 months, 10 long days of waiting, it’s finally time to embrace your little joy. While you are at the hospital, the nurses will likely take care of your baby. But when you get home, everything is done by you. In fact, babies are so small and fragile that you can feel as if you are going to hurt them just by hugging them.

When your baby is born, if you have help from relatives, you will help a little. But no one can help us forever, so we need to find out and even ask more from our mother. Even bathing a baby as we think is simple, but it also takes learning. And there is much more to learn, to prepare for the responsibility of a mother. Here are the things we should know about taking care of a newborn baby at home:

1.The water is prepared just enough in the bath:

Place the bathtub on the floor, then fill the tub with water. So that the water is not too much and too little, the water in the bathtub is lower than the baby’s waist when sitting. The water must be warm enough, neither too hot nor too cold

2.Prepare necessary items when bathing:

It is an equally important step, when preparing for a bath. We must know what we need to use and be ready there. The first is a specialized shower gel for newborn babies, the best absorbent towel should use cotton. Do not use a dry towel that can cause damage to the baby’s skin. Clothes, diapers and lotions should be kept nearby to get dressed as quickly as possible to prevent the baby from getting cold.

3.Place the toothpick properly:

Newborns are not yet able to sit up or be sturdy. So when bathing, babies can be slippery, so use your hands to support the neck and hold the baby tightly. It is recommended to let the baby’s feet contact the water first, let the baby get used to it, and then gradually get up. Newborns are not dirty, so they don’t need a long bath.

4.Ear cleaning:

After bathing, I am afraid that water will come in, so I need to clean it so that the child does not get infected. Support your child’s neck by hugging him tightly to clean his ears. However, do not insert anything inside them, even headphones, as it can damage the eardrum. Cleans earwax that accumulates on the outside of the ear. Also, don’t let water get inside as it can cause ear infections.

5.Eye hygiene:

Before long eyes and face, should prepare a separate basin of water. Put a soft towel in it, wring out the water. Then wipe your eyes and face clean to avoid infection.

6.Clean Their Nose:

It is good for hygiene as well as it can ease your baby’s breathing. Since babies can’t blow their nose, you can help them by using a nasal saline solution or nasal aspirator. Or you can try and make your baby sneeze.

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