Premature Twins Separated At Birth Hug After Meeting For First Time Outside Womb

Olivia and Zoe, Ann Le’s two lovely daughters, were born 12 weeks early. This amazing moment makes the entire grueling and dangerous pregnancy worthwhile. Before the girls really met one another outside of the womb, it took a month. During their time apart, Zoe missed her sister terribly; as a result, she tenderly put a hand on her back and cuddled up close to her.

All we have is each other. Enjoy every special time you have with your loved ones since, like Ann Le’s pregnancy, life can also be “high risk.” Embrace the tale.

During her pregnancy, she learned that she was pregnant with monoamniotic twins. This condition, known as “momo” twins, occurs when babies share the same amniotic sac and placenta, according to Very Well Family. After delivering 12 weeks early, Ann Le’s only concern was for her twin twins to be healthy, making the moment they shared their first ectopic birth on her breasts all the more special.

Doctors warned Le and her husband Jason Poon that Le’s pregnancy was extremely high-risk before she gave birth; as a result, they merely hoped that both of their girls would live.  In order to regulate their respiration, Olivia and Zoe were moved right away to a different incubator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when they were born at the beginning of January three months. Before the sisters could eventually speak to one another outside of the womb, it was over a month.

Le’s kids lied on their sides to her chest as she introduced her premature babies for the first time since they were born last week. She was shocked, though, when Zoe tenderly wrapped her arm around her sister’s back and cuddled up close to her. My heart began to melt as I thought back on our special first encounter. I’m very glad they can rejoin and form a strong friendship after all the difficult weeks of being separated.

Olivia was placed on my chest first, followed by Zoe, who stretched out her left arm in preparation to hug her sister,” Le added. “The two of them just lay on my chest and snuggled together for a while. Everything was perfect – we finally felt like a family.” Not only did the twins forge a special bond at the time, but it was also the first time Le had skin-to-skin contact with her young daughters.

Unfortunately because they were so small, I missed the chance to have skin contact with them right away as they had to be in intensive care to support breathing. Even though the girls are less than 2 months old, they have learned that sisters can sometimes put stress on each other. “Sometimes girls just can’t stand side by side and they end up like this!” Le joked on Instagram alongside a photo of the girls on either side of their dad’s breasts.

Although it can be quite challenging to give birth to two children in the NICU, the girls are still projected to require heart surgery even though their health is becoming better. Living in the NICU with a newborn is quite challenging. It was demanding, stressful, and always erratic. But when I glance down and see these two things, I temporarily forget how difficult everything is and acknowledge how fortunate we are to have them.

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